Our Employees Are Talking

It is an exciting time to be in Long Term Care. It involves being able to “think outside the box” and develop new solutions to address issues. The new paradigm, to remain successful, is to work together as Teams, encouraging open communication, develop listening and problem solving skills and seeking solutions from all stakeholders”.
Glenn W.
As a Certified Dementia Practitioner at Yorktown's "Serenity Springs", I believe residents in our unit benefit from our safe and secure environment. I am grateful for the additional training from IMG so we can excel as the best memory unit in our area.
Melissa W.
I have worked for IMG- for 2 years. This is the forst company I have worked for and they are amazing! They offer continued education & safety awareness programs as well as a customer service super star,which I consider to be incentives. Incentives that help with the cost of living . IMG cares a lot for their resident's & it's amazing they truly stand behind their mission statement-#Residents first & staff always.
Mariah J.
I have worked with this company for alost 23 years, I feel that IMG wants to make this building more presentable,based on the cosmetic improvements that have been made while under their owner ship. I feel proud to be an employee here-this facility is for resident's and staff. They provide us with the tools we need to complete our jobs effectively.
Germayne C.
I personally love the management team! Everyone is so easy to work with, they all love coming to work, and gives motivation to staff. I also like working with my co-workers and LOVE all the residents. When I first walked into Countryside, I loved the facility, how it was set up, and how friendly the people were. It also made an impression on me that Countryside has so many long time employees, most over 10 years! The last thing I love about this company is the motto "Resident First, Employees Always," that is how all health should be ran with Residents First!