Our Employees Are Talking

I am happy to be working for IMG and love all of our Residents. I feel good when we are able to do for our residents what they deserve to have and enjoy. Without great company management, that would be hard to do. Thank you!
Gemma S.
IMG is a great management company. Things get done in a timely manner and our questions always get answered as well. Thank you IMG!
Coltin S.
I think IMG is a wonderful corporation to work for. I really love how they care about their employees. Thank you IMG for everything you do for us.
Candra S.
Working as a CNA has allowed me to use my skills caring for others and an opportunity to grow my skills for new opportunities within the nursing care field. The opportunities to advance are almost endless.
Poppy H.
As a Registered Nurse, Long Term Care allows me to use my critical thinking skills to solve complex resident issues but, allows me time to get to know the resident as a whole person, who experienced life prior to placement in a nursing home”
Abby H.