Our Employees Are Talking

I have worked at Warsaw Meadows Care Center for 9 1/2 yrs. As the Human Resource Director I can truly say that IMG does stand for what it says "Residents First, Employees Always". I see both sides of the spectrum on a daily basis. I see and help initiate what IMG does for it's employees and in return I see what the staff at our facility does for or residents. IMG advocates for their employees. IMG promotes employee safety & security. IMG rewards their employees through different programs such as the Corporate Superstar Program. IMG offers extra benefits such as our Employee Assistance Program and Tuition Assistance. I believe IMG wants their employees to advance and to succeed.
Amy H.
Human Resources
Working for IMG is certainly a "Breath of fresh air". People who truly care about people....first. People come before agendas, schedules or routines. When IMG bought our facility in 2015, I felt a little overwhelmed by the Corporate presence. On one occasion, a corporate leader was waiting by my office for me. As I was heading to my office to meet with him, a confused, anxious resident stopped me. I stopped to listen and reassure the resident, then offered to get him a cup of coffee. (The entire time I worried that I was going to be in trouble for making an "important person" wait) When I finally reached my office, apologizing for making him wait, He said, "You just did exactly what we want you to do. They come first, I can wait all day." That's when I knew, I loved working for IMG.
Donna W.
Human Resources
To find a company that truly lives their motto day in and day out is rare to find these days. A company that is willing to give of the many talents and treasures so the population they serve can thrive is a tremendous pleasure to be a part of. They are "Residents First, Employees Always: and I am fortunate to be a part of this team.
Paula S.
Why I love working for IMG....The IMG motto is "Residents First, Employees Always", they stand behind this statement. If our residents need anything, IMG makes sure to go out of their way to get whatever is needed. I feel that residents can voice their opinions/concerns and they are heard and handled in a timely manner. Employees Always, this is very true! This company values its employees and it shows...with all the "employees involved days, give away." IMG listens to their employees and strives to make everyone enjoy coming to work. Seeing our residents smile each day makes me feel they are happy and KNOW they are going to be well taken care of.
Tracey K.
Activity Director
When IMG bought our facility in Novemeber 2015, everything changed for the better. Our facility went from being a one star home to being a five star home in one year. Newton Care Center is now a facility with a positive, caring attitude that shows when you walk through the doors. IMG maintains a management that cares and encourages it's staff on a daily basis and makes Newton Care Care and all their other facilities great places to work.
Tammy C.