Our Employees Are Talking

I love this company! I love the residents and the company really means it's motto of Residents First!
Karen Y.
I joined this company about a month ago and have over 10 years as a nurse in long term care. This facility feels homelike and very comfortable for residents and staff. I used to work in a place where every day I would feel anxiety in the pit of my stomach but I don't have that feeling working here.
Candy C.
I love working long term care. I love being able to talk with my residents. Knowing that I am providing them with good care whether it's combing their hair, giving them a shower or whatever else they may need, gives me a sense of pride.
Gloria S.
I was raised by my great grandmother, Alice, who suffered from Diabetes, H&N and Arthritis. Despite her own ailments she held our family together and was always taking care of others before herself. I never understood why she did this, so one day I asked her and she said she was just doing unto others like I would want to be cared for. She taught me it's not a person's fault if they became ill or disabled, get hurt or are unable to take care of themselves. She taught me that you should always have compassion and empathy for those who are unable to take care of themselves. These things that she ingrained in me is why I chose to become a nurse. I chose long term care because I wanted to really be able to get to know my patients. I am proud and honored to be able to touch the lives of those I care for.
Yolanda G.
I have worked in long term care for over 20 years. I really enjoy working with the population. I am still a C.N.A, But I have graduated up to be the Social Service Designee.I still get out on the floor assisting the C.N.A's as much as I can. The hands on with the residents makes being SSD that much easier for me already knowing what some of the residents like and don't like. I love the interaction I get with the residents. If I can put a smile on just one residents face and help them have a good day, it's all worth it. Long term care is where my heart is.
Lisa B.