Our Employees Are Talking

I have worked at Cloverleaf for 5 1/2 years. I love working with the elderly, helping and caring for them is a part of me. Cloverleaf has excellent team work and we all get along with each other. IMG have a lot of incentives and provide open communication with their staff. IMG Cares for not only their residents but their staff as well.
Emenda C.
IMG has given me opportunities in the year and a half that I have worked for the company. After being a dietary aide for a year, I transitioned to the nursing department as a CNA while also working as an activities aide. I am currently working on my nursing degree so this opportunity IMG has given me to work as a CNA has been incredibly beneficial for my future. I am honored to be a part of the IMG family to help care for their residents, no matter what department I am in!
Charity W.
CNA and Activities Aide
I have worked for IMG for two years now, and have been employed by this facility for five years total. Since IMG has taken over, things have improved. IMG offers more incentives for their staff and is always providing us with ways to improve our skills. Since IMG has taken over we have been able to provide more for our residents and give them a more fun and loving environment. IMG really cares for their employees and their residents!
Cassie B.
I have worked with IMG for a two years now, and I am so thankful for them. I have never felt more secure at a work place before. IMG is a strong, stable, and solid company that does a good job showing staff and residents that they care. Since IMG took over, not just the staff but the residents too, seem to be happier. Residents First, Employees Always!
Kelsey J.
CNA and Restorative Aide
This is a good company to work for. IDE takes care of the residents and gives us training and keeps us up to date on regulations. I like it that we are a 4 star overall rated facility.
Shelley H.