Our Employees Are Talking

"I like working for Ide Management because their main focus is the quality of life for our Residents. Being able to respect what your boss stands for says a lot."
"I enjoy working for IMG because they provide a positive working environment. I have only been a part of the team for a short time and the transition to being a new employee was made easy. Everyone is supportive and I LOVE my job!"
"Ide Management Group (IMG) serves their residents by putting them first and they treat each resident with compassion and respect. I chose to work at an IMG facility because they provide the best quality of care in their therapy department. The therapy department provides group teamwork and that makes the patients feel more comfortable."
Physical Therapist
At IMG we take better care of our residents because we are allowed to work as a team. We treat all of our Residents like family. I believe we have friendly and helpful staff. And I enjoy my job because I know when I come to work I am involved in helping residents physically improve and I know I am making a difference in their recovery.