Covid-19 Emergency Preparedness

IMG Readiness

All IMG communities are working tirelessly to care for and protect Residents and Employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to these challenging times we remain committed to "Residents First, Employees Always." Here are just some of the ways we are meeting our commitments:

Residents First

  • Updating our Infection Control protocols and following the latest guidance from local and state health departments and the Centers for Disease Control ("CDC")
  • Multiple daily observations of Residents for symptoms
  • Screening and testing as needed
  • Cancelling non-essential appointments outside of the facility
  • Using telemedicine to provide physician and nurse practitioners to continue care for Residents remotely whenever possible
  • Communicating updates with Residents, families, and doctors
  • Disinfecting our facilities daily using appropriate cleaning solutions
  • Cancelling group activities and outings
  • Providing opportunities for Residents and loved ones to communicate through FaceTime and similar applications

Employees Always

  • Screening Employees before and at the end of every shift and requiring employees to immediately self-report any on-set of symptoms during a shift
  • Educating and re-educating Employees on existing and new infection prevention and control protocols, hygiene, and additional practices as recommended by the CDC
  • Requiring the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Encouraging Employees to exercise Social Distancing and other precautions while away from work
  • Testing employees when necessary according to the local health department and CDC
  • Following strictest guidelines when allowing an employee who has had symptoms to return to work after appropriate time off from work, number of days without symptoms before returning, and testing when needed

Residents' Families and Loved Ones

  • Frequent and multiple forms of communication with family and loved ones of our Residents
  • Protecting families and loved ones from potential exposure or accidental communication of COVID-19 by suspending visitation
  • Encouraging the use of alternative forms of communication, including FaceTime, Facility Ecards, Window Visits and Skype
  • Establishing multiple lines of communication for the latest updates from the facility to answer questions


Does IMG have confirmed cases of COVID-19?
As the global pandemic spreads throughout the healthcare system, including Skilled Nursing Facilities, IMG has been working tirelessly to follow the infection prevention and control guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local and state health departments to prepare for the possibility of COVID-19 affecting our facilities. Despite our best efforts, we have had Resident and employee confirmed cases of COVID-19 impacting IMG facilities. You may view our daily COVID statistics to learn more about what facilities have been impacted at Please, know we have been taking all recommended precautions and preparing for this possibility for several weeks.

What is IMG doing if a Resident shows symptoms of COVID-19?
If a Resident becomes symptomatic, we follow the isolation and infection control protocols in accordance with public health and CDC guidelines. Contact droplet precautions will be used. Contact droplet precautions mean all staff caring for Residents will be in full protective gear including masks, eye protection, gowns, and gloves. Testing for Residents showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be tested in conjunction with our local health departments.

Residents with severe symptoms may be transferred to acute care, when and where appropriate.

What is IMG doing if an Employee shows symptoms of COVID-19?
Employees are screened upon entry to the facility at the beginning of their shift. Any employee displaying symptoms, at that time, will not be allowed to work. Any employee who experiences symptoms during their shift is immediately required to self-report and will be sent home. Any symptomatic employees are sent home until they meet the latest criteria from the CDC and state and local health departments for permitting an employee to return to work.

What happens when there is a positive diagnosis at an IMG facility?
We take every COVID-19 diagnosis seriously and enact our emergency preparedness plans as a result. Our teams have been trained to respond appropriately in the event of a positive diagnosis. Steps that are taken include:

  • We immediately notify the Resident, Resident Representative, and treating physician.
  • We notify appropriate healthcare agencies of the confirmed COVID-19 cases.
  • The facility executes our COVID-19 Positive Contingency Plan including our COVID-19 Positive Outbreak Emergency Operations Procedure.
  • Numerous isolation measures are followed in accordance with CDC and public health guidelines.
  • The facility maintains communications with employees, Residents, and family members.

What is IMG's visitor policy?
In order to help ensure the health and safety of our Residents, we have suspended family visitation at this time. All physicians, nurse practitioners, hospice providers, pharmacy, and therapy providers are screened prior to entering the building. Any provider who does not pass the screening is not permitted to enter our facilities. End of life visits will be considered for Residents, under strict protocol, in accordance with guidance from the local and state health department.

Are Residents allowed to leave their room?
In order to uphold state and federal guidelines regarding social distancing and in following our infection prevention protocols, we are not holding group activities in our common areas. Communal dining has been discontinued; meals and snacks are being delivered directly to Residents' rooms. Facilities are conducting activities allowing Residents to participate from their doorways while practicing social distancing.

What is the transportation policy for Residents?
Voluntary leaves of absence have been discontinued until further notice. Residents may leave our campuses for medically necessary healthcare, such as dialysis. Noncritical appointments such as dental and podiatry appointments have been postponed until further notice. Transportation of Residents to acute care facilities is permitted as medically necessary and in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.

How is IMG Communicating COVID-19 updates with Residents' families?
After an initial confirmed case for either an employee or Resident, we notify Residents, the Residents' family, employees and treating physicians within the guidelines set forth by the CDC and state and local health departments. We provide general COVID-19 status updates through social media. A free family communication application tool, Safekeeping, is offered to every Resident's first point of contact. We strongly encourage the responsible party to please communicate with other family members as soon as possible. However, any family member may access facility updates on the individual facility's website or facility-specific Facebook pages.

Is IMG accepting new Admissions or conducting tours?
IMG facilities are currently conducting virtual tours only. IMG facilities are reviewing new Admissions except for two locations in Newton, Illinois (Newton Care Center) and Urbandale, Iowa (Urbandale Health Care Center).

Facility Updates


Cathedral Health Care Jasper COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Chesterton Manor Chesterton COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Cloverleaf Healthcare Knightsville COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Colonial Nursing & Rehab Crown Point COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Kendallville Manor Kendallville COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Oak Village Oaktown COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
River Terrace Retirement Community Bluffton COVID19 UPDATE X X X X X X X
Silver Memories Health Care Versailles COVID19 UPDATE X X   X      
Warsaw Meadows Warsaw COVID19 UPDATE X X X X X    
Woodland Manor Elkhart COVID19 UPDATE X X X X X    
Yorktown Manor Yorktown COVID19 UPDATE X X X X X    



Newton Care Center Newton COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
North Logan Health Care Center Danville COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Paris Healthcare Center Paris COVID19 UPDATE X X X X X    



Countryside Health Care Center Sioux City COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X   X
Eagle Point Health Care Center Clinton COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Keosauqua Health Care Center Keosauqua COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Keota Health Care Center Keota COVID19 UPDATE X X X X X    
Newton Health Care Center Newton COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    
Sigourney Health Care Sigourney COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X X  
Urbandale Health Care Center Urbandale COVID19 UPDATE X X   X X    


How you can help

Donate PPE

Due to a nationwide shortage, we are asking for the public's help in donating personal protective equipment, known as PPE. These supplies are running dangerously low in most long-term care facilities and are vital to the safety of our Residents and staff. Vendors are unable to fill orders and most state stockpiles are depleted and the Federal stockpile can't meet the need either.

We are asking the public to donate any of the following supplies:

  • N95 masks
  • Surgical or procedure masks
  • Exam gloves
  • Surgical gowns
  • Medical face shields
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Temporal thermometers
  • Disposable foot covers

Full boxes of supplies are preferable, but partial boxes or individual donations are acceptable if the supplies are clean.

Please contact the facility ahead of time to let them know you are bringing donations and we will be watching for the supplies. Due to visitor restrictions, the supplies must be left at the facility front door. Thank you for your continued support as we do all we can to protect our Residents and staff! You can learn more about the call to care regarding donations. AHCA/NCAL has information on our #CareNotCOVID website calling for donations. Visit for more information.

Make Your Own Mask/Donate Masks - DIY Mask Directions

Click Here to Download - Directions Make a Mask DIY Instructions from the CDC

Coronavirus Status Reports



Our goal, from the start of this Pandemic, has been to be transparent with the impact COVID is having inside our facilities of excellence. The COVID status tracker for Residents and employees is another way we can provide full transparency to our Residents, families and employees. The information provided will be updated each week day, Monday through Friday. Information provided by close of the day on Monday will reflect what occurred over the weekend.

IMG continues to rely on our local and state health departments for guidance as it relates to testing Residents and employees. Infection control protocols evolve and change, sometimes daily, and we are always following the CDC and local and state departments of health guidance. The goal is to keep our Residents and employees as safe as we can. Our mission - Residents First, Employee Always will remain as we face these challenging times together.