A Resident Nominates the IMG August Superstar

Resident, John Madin, nominated the maintenance director for Newton Health Care Center as the August Customer Service Superstar.  "Jim Good Jim is always cheerful and nice to everybody. He has been doing a really good job for me. I catch him in the hall to ask him to help me with something in my room and when I come back it's always taken care of it.  Jim always goes right down after I ask for his help and assist me. He always says "Alright, I'll be down to fix it," and he does. He's a darn nice guy. I knocked my electric razor off and he came down and fixed it for me. Then, he put up a cardboard box to have a place to set my razor closer to the plug in. Jim said it would be temporary, and boy, he came back the next day with a little stand he made out of plywood and painted for me and set that up for me."

"Whenever my T.V. has any static, he never makes me wait for help. He always comes right down to fix it. He suggested I hang up my model airplane by the tail so it was more secure in my room.  And then he went right back to get some wire to fix it up for me. He took apart my sink to get my toothbrush out when I dropped it down there. He does all these little things every day, whenever I ask. I always get such good help from him and he makes me feel important. No job is too small for him to help me with, he always helps me so quickly, and he's so cheerful. I really appreciate all the help he gives me."

IMG feels blessed to have Jim always tending to the needs of our Residents!  

Newton Health Care Center, an IMG Health Care Center of Excellence, is skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility located in Newton, Iowa.  We offer a full spectrum of post-hospitalization care including TruRehab therapy services, short-term skilled care, respite care, and long-term care.