Rebounding Home

Alice Peters was shocked when she learned her leg pain was being caused by a fractured hip.  She found herself in pain and unable to put much weight on her leg which made it very difficult to walk.  After a small stay in the hospital, Alice was left with the decision of where to go for a short term rehabilitation stay. We're glad to report that Alice chose Willow Manor’s TruRehab unit.

With the luxury of having her own private room & bathroom, Alice was able to recuperate in style.  After just a little over a month, she is returning home to her friends and family.  She told us that she had a great experience and that “all these kids sure know what they are doing!”  We asked Alice why she had made the right decision in choosing Willow Manor, she smiled and said, “I was told the therapy here was good, and they were right.  It’s not just good, it’s great!  I would recommend my family and friends to come here if they needed therapy and I will come back if I ever need it – but there is no place like home!”

Alice is going home with home health services to continue in her recovery, knowing she is welcome to come back to Willow Manor anytime she needs us!  While doing her therapy, our occupational therapist, Gregg Cleveland, told us that Alice received all 10 trophies on our Omni VR Virtual Rehabilitation System.  “That’s not something a lot of people can do.  That’s pretty great actually!” 

Willow Manor  is an IMG health care center of excellence. Willow Manor provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation that offers a full spectrum of post-hospitalization care including TruRehab therapy services, short-term skilled care, respite care, Alzheimer’s care and long-term care.