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Everyday Tells A New Story at IMG. Check out STORIES on our website to learn more about what's happening at IMG. We love our tales of employees who went the extra mile. Join us for stories of the past, such as events that brought joy or inspiration to our Residents, New Chapters and stories about present-day acts of kindness and people who pay it forward. If it's happening at IMG, you will read about it here, because we put our Residents First!

Congratulations to Darlos Guppy | IMG August Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Darlos Guppy, ADON at Eagle Point Health Care Center!  You were chosen as IMG’s August Customer Service Superstar!
We are thankful for Darlos Guppy and her ever present enthusiasm and dedication that she exhibits daily.  When she found out that she was the “Superstar” this month and why, she stated, “I do get upset about a situation from time to time, but it’s behind closed doors”.  She only shows the Residents and staff a positive attitude, always, which really helps boost the morale of the facility.
Darlos has been a loyal nurse, with over 30 years of service, and seen the facility through various administration changes and ownership.  But one thing remains constant. “She Cares”. 
When a core member of the team takes vacation, or is out on sick leave; Darlos helps out.  Taking admission calls for a week along with continuing to do her own duties, completing nursing reports, taking an extra shift…anything that she is asked.  That is an amazing trait!  When we need to know what happened a few years ago with a Resident or family - you are correct - we ask Darlos! This has been a huge help to guide Residents and family in the right direction for care.
Most recently we had a marriage vow renewal for our residents and staff for the month of June.  This was an opportunity for our Residents to attend a wedding in the summer months and be included in an event that brings joy.  Darlos and her Husband, Marty, of more than 25 years said, “I do”, again along with some of our other staff and married couples that call Eagle Point HOME.
Darlos lives the mission of Residents First and Employees Always.  And she is the glue that binds our facility together!
Thank you Darlos for your years of service and positive attitude … you make a difference!

Congratulations to Ernest Clark | IMG July Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Ernest Clark, Environmental Services Director, at Woodland Manor … you are the July IMG Customer Service Superstar!

Ernest is our Environmental Director , he is truly here for the residents and the betterment of the facility. Ernest has been heard on more than one occasion stating that what he does is about the residents and he wants to make the facility a better and prettier place for the residents. He takes pride in the work that he does.  He never procrastinates to get work started and completed with great results. Recently he was asked to make the courtyard “camera ready” for a commercial shoot taking place at the facility.

Congratulations to Monte Bird | IMG June Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Monte Bird, bus driver for Sigourney and Keota, for being awarded the IMG June Customer Service Superstar! Monte Bird takes double duty driving the bus for both Sigourney and Keota. He started out as a volunteer and we quickly realized what a valuable employee he would be. Monte always went above and beyond as a volunteer and that hasn't changed since becoming an employee. Monte takes care of our transportation needs for our residents, both for any appointments and for fun outings. Monte has made himself available for us on short notice, and is NEVER too busy to stop and make a resident smile!

Congratulations to Michael Campbell| IMG May Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Michael Campbell, LPN, at University Nursing and Rehab for being selected as the IMG Customer Service Superstar for May

Michael has worked for University Nursing & Rehab for 24 years … yes 24 years!  He works A Hall and all his residents adore him.  The family members respect Michael and are very pleased with the care he gives to their loved ones.  He keeps them informed when something is different about their resident and is quick to act on issues.  Very few of his residents require hospitalizations.  Michael’s name is mentioned every month on the Pinnacle surveys by family members stating how pleased they are with the care he provides.  We even have inquiries that turn to admissions and they specifically ask to be on A Hall where Michael works.  The residents also enjoy having fun with him.  He is constant, consistent and even after 24 years of service in the same facility, he comes to work every day with a positive outlook and good attitude. 

Congratulations to Lisa Harris | IMG April Customer Service Superstar

Lisa is Madison's Environmental Service Supervisor.  Lisa is such a warm hearted person to everyone she comes in contact with.  Lisa has always been a team player.  Whenever we have special events, she's one of the main managers who jumps right in and says, "Ok, what do you need me to do?"  Lisa comes in after hours to help some residents with organizing their rooms, to just talk to them, and to pray with them when they are in need.