IMG Stories

Everyday Tells A New Story at IMG. Check out STORIES on our website to learn more about what's happening at IMG. We love our tales of employees who went the extra mile. Join us for stories of the past, such as events that brought joy or inspiration to our Residents, New Chapters and stories about present-day acts of kindness and people who pay it forward. If it's happening at IMG, you will read about it here, because we put our Residents First!

MDS Coordinator of the Year 2017 | Angela Keener

Angela Keener, Warsaw Meadows

Angela has been on the Warsaw Meadows staff for 3 years. She has an excellent understanding of the MDS process and works tirelessly to assure the documentation is correct and we are documenting correctly and thoroughly. Her audit score for the last MDS audit was 92%.

Angela is constantly reviewing documentation and on a daily basis brings questions and suggestions to the table. She clearly understands the CMI process and looks for opportunities for improvement. She will inquire about resident conditions and offer suggestions that possibly improves the reimbursement score.

Maintenance Director of the Year 2017 | Jeff Fehrenbacher

Jeff Fehrenbacher, Newton Illinois

If ever there was an individual that would exemplify the Maintenance Director of the year, it would be Jeff Fehrenbacher.  Jeff’s daily schedule may look somewhat like the following:

Clock in at 7:30am (Never mind he pulled up to the facility at 7:00am to check on his parents who are also residents here. And by this time a half a dozen staff and or residents have stopped him to make a request of a repair, a needed item, or to simply find out what is on his agenda today).

Life Enrichment Director of the Year | Brooke Sluiter

Brooke Sluiter, Urbandale

Urbandale Health Care Center is proud to nominate Brooke Sluiter, for Activity Director of the Year. Brooke has been dedicated to Urbandale for 8 years and works daily on having a positive impact, assisting residents to fun and memorable things to fill their days. Alice and Dean were the recipients of a New Chapter. Alice wanted us to know how much it meant, she stated “Brooke has always been calm, caring, and very pleasant. She works hard on making sure all residents are involved and happy. My husband can be a tough, we have been married 60 years and it’s always been hard for me to get him to partake in activities. When we moved Dean in, Brooke was a welcoming face to our family. She encouraged Dean to come out to activities and looked for creative ways to involve him, she never gave up. Brooke has always been great, but I’m still in awe and appreciate so much what she did for us on our new chapter night.

Social Worker of the Year 2017 | Lucy Mattingly

Lucy Mattingly, North Logan

To have a Social Worker that literally gives her absolute best to North Logan Healthcare Center from sun up to sun down is a true blessing.  Lucy Mattingly exuberates excellence in every aspect of her job. Through her actions, it is apparent that she loves to be at this facility and ensure each resident is in a safe environment.  She reiterates to all staff that this is the residents’ home and we are just guests in their home.   Lucy is always overly prepared for every care plan meeting and makes it clear to each family that she will try her best to fix any issues/concerns in a timely manner.   She has committed herself to making discharges go smoothly by beginning to plan the discharge early.  Our Social Services department has been deficiency free for our annual survey since Lucy accepted this position.  She provides continuous education, support, and information to residents and their families.

Environmental Services of the Year 2017 | Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan, Edwardsville

Lisa does a wonderful job keeping our building looking and smelling clean and fresh. She does a great job dealing with our residents and staff and their families, conducting herself in a professional manner. Lisa is an avid CUBS fan and we at ENRC overlook this and choose to see her compassion and spirit toward doing a great job every day. Lisa has learned to balance a budget although she was doubtful with in her own abilities she has conquered and always stays within her budget. She will stop what she is doing and assist in some last-minute room moves. Lisa has a great since of pride in her work. Sometimes that can be daunting, however, she takes it with ease when she is blamed for many socks and underwear that go missing even though someone may have stuffed some under their bed, she takes it with a smile and does a wonderful job. We are thrilled to have Lisa Morgan on our team.