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Everyday Tells A New Story at IMG. Check out STORIES on our website to learn more about what's happening at IMG. We love our tales of employees who went the extra mile. Join us for stories of the past, such as events that brought joy or inspiration to our Residents, New Chapters and stories about present-day acts of kindness and people who pay it forward. If it's happening at IMG, you will read about it here, because we put our Residents First!

Business Office Manager of the Year 2017 | Trudy Mackey

Trudy Mackey, North Logan

What could one say or do to describe the very person that helps keep our building afloat? Trudy Mackey a super star in her own self. Strong willed knowledgeable and always ready to teach others the right way to go. Trudy has been employed with us for all of 9 years and what an impact she has had on our building. Whether it be staying over extra hours to make sure that our finances are kept in order or if she is checking on our residents and providing them with every cent that they desire, Trudy excels in everything she does. There have been times that the administrator has to beg her to take vacation days off to relax and regroup. Trudy always makes it her business to be prompt and accurate. During the rough transition that North Logan went through on this year, Trudy was one of the few people that stayed strong and kept our foundation from falling through the cracks. To vouch for a few people in the facility she has went over and beyond to make sure that the administrator, and new human resources staff knew what to do and who to call on if they had any hiccups. To say the least she has the very best interest for every department head present.

Community Liaison Director of the Year 2017 | Katie Kuhn

Katie Kuhn, Newton Iowa

There are very few individuals who can say they have held a multitude of positions within not just one building, but two, throughout their longevity with IMG.

Starting with IMG 6yrs ago, Katie Kuhn brought a zest of energy and spunk to her role as AP and receptionist at Urbandale Healthcare center. Known for her teamwork and willingness to take on any challenge, Katie quickly became a leader within her team and building. She could be relied upon to help in the liaison role as needed, with finances and budgeting, and on the floor helping as she could in the dining room or at activities. There wasn't anything Katie wouldn't jump in and help with. She helped keep Urbandale a successful building during her time there. After 5yrs of being a leader in that building, she was called upon to help at her sister facility in Newton, Iowa, filling in as liaison temporarily. Her Regional Director of Business, Courtney, says she had no doubts Katie could do it "It was never a second thought, I turned to Katie as soon as I needed help and she stepped up as she always does."

Assistant Director of Nursing of the Year 2017 | Nancy Roush

Nancy Roush, Keosauqua

It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion tome together. This happened for Nancy, ADON, when she took on several responsibilities when Keosauqua Health Care facility was without a DON. She willingly accepted the challenge and did everything in her power to promote the quality of care for both our residents and our staff members. She attended trainings and meetings in place of the DON and took the information gained at the training and implemented positive changes at the facility.

Nancy is often pulled in several directions, but she does what she can to make sure resident's make it to medical appointments and receive scheduled labs. Nancy is organized and orders all nursing supplies to guarantee the front-line staff have the supplies needed to provide care. Nancy is always willing to review referrals quickly and accept referrals with complicated wound care needs. She has promoted her own growth and development related to wound care techniques and treatments by seeking out education and securing an expert wound consultant. In addition, Nancy is responsible for our medical records. She ensures that all records are kept organized and survey ready.

Congratulations to Octavia Jackson | IMG October Customer Service Superstar

Octavia Jackson goes way above and beyond her normal CNA duties.  Debbie Martin, our DON, nominated Octavia as our October Superstar. 

Dorothy, one of our residents, had two members of her church coming to get her for services on 10/14/2017.  Dorothy is the oldest member of her church.  Octavia went shopping and purchased Dorothy a dress, perfume, and shoes.  Octavia did that with her own money.  She wanted to make sure Dorothy looked nice for the church service.  She also wanted to make sure Dorothy felt as special as everyone thought she was.  Octavia didn't stop there. 

Congratulations to Chad Cutler | IMG September Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Chad Cutler, maintenance assistance, at Keosauqua Health Care Center … you are the IMG September Customer Service Superstar!

Superstars do everything they can to help their team and residents.  When we think of someone who goes the extra mile, we think of Chad Cutler. Chad is our maintenance assistant here at Keosauqua Health Care Center, but he is so much more than that.  Every morning when Chad arrives to work he walks throughout the entire building and stops by our dining room to greet all our residents and wish them a good day.