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Everyday Tells A New Story at IMG. Check out STORIES on our website to learn more about what's happening at IMG. We love our tales of employees who went the extra mile. Join us for stories of the past, such as events that brought joy or inspiration to our Residents, New Chapters and stories about present-day acts of kindness and people who pay it forward. If it's happening at IMG, you will read about it here, because we put our Residents First!

IMG September Customer Service Superstar| Mylena Cotton, RN

Congratulations to Mylena Cotton, RN at North Logan Health Care!  You are the IMG Customer Service Superstar! 

“I would like to commend your nursing staff on the 3rd floor for their actions to care for my gravely ill father, Mr. Malan, onAugust 19, 2018. He had been discharged from Danville OSF NOT in stable condition. We were told we could transport him ourselves, across the street to your facility, using their wheelchair. After getting him into the wheelchair with difficulty by four OSF staff, we were able to transport him to you WITH MUCH DIFFICULTY.  He was unable to sit in the wheelchair. his Parkinson's Disease flared up and he could not sit or bend. Two of your staff were waiting at the door to help us in. MylenaCotton, RN was walking into your facility for her work shift. The staff got him into bed immediately. They checked his blood sugar within 1 minute of arrival. It was 58. Mylena began assessing him immediately.  She worked on him all night. She exemplified the knowledge and concern for dad's well-being far beyond a typical Registered Nurse.

August Customer Service Superstar | Kat Willson

Congratulations to Kat Willson from Keota Health Care Center!  Kat is the IMG August Customer Service Superstar!

Kat started her career with us as a part-time housekeeper. Since then, she has become someone we depend on daily. Kat is always one to volunteer to help and jumps into any situation we need help without hesitation. She always comes to work in a great mood and greets our residents and staff with a smile! Kat is working her way up to full-time housekeeping status for us. Despite being “part-time” status, she has volunteered to help our staff on multiple occasions, so we can better serve our residents in laundry and dietary as well!

July Customer Service Superstar | Alicia Catterson

Congratulations to Alicia Catterson, Activity Aide at Paris Healthcare!  You are the IMG July Customer Service Superstar!

On the morning of July 4th, Alicia Catterson clocked in for her shift as activity aide at Paris Healthcare Center.  She walked through the halls giving a good morning and a big smile to all that she met on her way to the activities room ... especially the Residents, whom she has grown to love in her short time at PHC.

Alicia started in housekeeping and did a great job carefully cleaning each resident's room just like it was her own home. She took great care in every detail and was pleased when she was finished.  She always did her best work and was thoughtful in ensuring reach Resident felt good about their stay at PHC.

It didn't take Alicia long to know that her true passion was working directly with the Residents and applied for the activity aide position. She was hired and has made a huge difference each and every day she spends time with the Residents.

June Customer Service Superstar | Kelley Ritter

Congratulations to Kelley Ritter, a nurse from UHCC … you are the IMG June Customer Service Superstar!

Kelley Ritter has been loyal to Urbandale Health Care since 2009. Her nurse managers describe her as a very compassionate nurse who takes her job very seriously and always tries to do her very best.  She is very dependable and dedicated employee. Kelley welcomes every new resident with a warm smile and provides help and knowledgeable care that helps both new and longstanding residents feel comfortable and cared for! She is very gentle and caring towards our residents by going out of her way to get to know them personally as well as their families.

2018 Video Contest Winner

Congratulations to Urbandale Health Care Center for winning the National Nursing Home Video con

Kudos to Keosauqua, Cathedral and Paris for amazing National Nursing Home Week videos as well.  We love showcasing all the fun our Residents and staff had celebrating this special week. 

Check back on IMG’s Facebook page (@imgcares) throughout the week to see other videos from our runner-up facilities.

CLICK HERE to see the winning video:

Congratulations again, Urbandale!