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Everyday Tells A New Story at IMG. Check out STORIES on our website to learn more about what's happening at IMG. We love our tales of employees who went the extra mile. Join us for stories of the past, such as events that brought joy or inspiration to our Residents, New Chapters and stories about present-day acts of kindness and people who pay it forward. If it's happening at IMG, you will read about it here, because we put our Residents First!

March 2018 Customer Service Superstar | Leslie Worland

Congratulations to Leslie Worland, CNA, at Oak Village Healthcare!  You are the IMG Customer Service Superstar for March 2018!

Leslie is an AWESOME CNA!  She laughs, jokes, and makes the residents smile.  Her laughter is infectious and the staff states that she makes the day go by faster with her wonderful personality.  She always goes above and beyond for the Residents.  She sends E-Cards to the Residents to brighten their days.  Leslie goes all out for special occasions like St Patrick’s Day and Halloween just to give the residents an even better experience.  She will also bring costume pieces to dress up the Residents if they would like to join in on the fun.  Leslie also brings her dog into visit the residents and one Resident in particular thinks it is the best thing ever when she does. 

February 2018 IMG Customer Service Superstar | Christina Anderson - Madison Health Care Center

Congratulations to Christina Anderson, CNA, at Madison Health Care Center!

Several families and residents brought it to Raelene's attention how wonderful Christina Anderson is.  Christina is a CNA at Madison Health Care Center.  Mr. Grady's son commented on how she took great care of his father.  He said "She was always in a good mood and would joke around with him."  He also said, "She is one of the BEST!"  Another resident expressed that she was always happy when Christina is working.

Pinnacle Customer Experience Award 2018

IMG proudly announces our facilities that have been awarded the 2018 Pinnacle Customer Experience Award which based on a satisfaction survey of their residents and families. We are proud of you!

January 2018 IMG Customer Service Superstar | Sydney Brooks - Newton Care Center

Congratulations to Sydney Brooks, CNA at Newton Care Center in Illinois!  Your empathy and compassion for a Resident and their family during a difficult time is appreciated and we are blessed to have you on the IMG team!

In our facility, we pride ourselves on being a family.  Our facility family includes employees, residents and their family members.  Recently, one of our residents and his family went through a very difficult time.  A long-term resident’s spouse, who still lived in the community, passed away suddenly.  Within a week of the passing, this resident himself landed in the hospital with a poor outlook for recovery.  While he was in the hospital, his son, lost his house in a fire.  The son has always been very involved, not just with his dad’s care but the care of other Residents and our staff.  Our staff reached out to this resident’s family with prayers, love and support, but, maybe none more than one of our young CNA’s - Sydney Brooks.

December 2017 IMG Customer Service Superstar | Dana Oney - Silver Memories

Congratulations to Dana Oney, CNA from Silver Memories!  You are the December IMG Customer Service Superstar.

Dana has been a CNA at Silver Memories since August of 2017. It did not take us long to see how truly valuable Dana is as well as how she provides excellent customer service. You can tell Dana does this job solely from her heart. She spends one on one time with each of our residents, taking the time to converse with them during resident care about their day and life history.  She always goes the extra mile when getting them dressed for dinner to fix their hair and makeup.