June Customer Service Superstar | Kelley Ritter

Congratulations to Kelley Ritter, a nurse from UHCC … you are the IMG June Customer Service Superstar!

Kelley Ritter has been loyal to Urbandale Health Care since 2009. Her nurse managers describe her as a very compassionate nurse who takes her job very seriously and always tries to do her very best.  She is very dependable and dedicated employee. Kelley welcomes every new resident with a warm smile and provides help and knowledgeable care that helps both new and longstanding residents feel comfortable and cared for! She is very gentle and caring towards our residents by going out of her way to get to know them personally as well as their families.

Here are some things staff at Urbandale Health Care Center have said about Kelley.  “She is an excellent worker.  She takes the time to make things for residents on her time off, such as treats.”  Kelley decorates the nursing stations, especially during holidays.”  “Kelley is a team player.  She is very punctual, reliable, and an outstanding nurse to be around.”  “Kelley has the residents first attitude, and always thinking about what she can do more for the residents not only in her care, but throughout the building as well.”  Kelley is very thorough in her work, keeps things neat and orderly on her unit, and will even go above and beyond with her communication. There is so much the night shift nurses do that no one sees.  Kelley even takes extra special care of Urbandale’s fur babies, Sassy and Pepper.  She treats them like her own! 

Thank you Kelley for making your profession proud as a nurse and living the IMG mission!