January 2018 IMG Customer Service Superstar | Sydney Brooks - Newton Care Center

Congratulations to Sydney Brooks, CNA at Newton Care Center in Illinois!  Your empathy and compassion for a Resident and their family during a difficult time is appreciated and we are blessed to have you on the IMG team!

In our facility, we pride ourselves on being a family.  Our facility family includes employees, residents and their family members.  Recently, one of our residents and his family went through a very difficult time.  A long-term resident’s spouse, who still lived in the community, passed away suddenly.  Within a week of the passing, this resident himself landed in the hospital with a poor outlook for recovery.  While he was in the hospital, his son, lost his house in a fire.  The son has always been very involved, not just with his dad’s care but the care of other Residents and our staff.  Our staff reached out to this resident’s family with prayers, love and support, but, maybe none more than one of our young CNA’s - Sydney Brooks.  Sydney sat with this resident and talked with him about losing his wife.  This allowed him the opportunity to grieve and reminisce about their lives together.  Sydney also stopped by the hospital multiple times to check on him when he was admitted.  Even when he was too sick to know that she was there, Sydney sat at his bedside and laughed and talked to support his family.  Upon hearing of his son’s house fire, she and another CNA obtained gift cards for this family as an outreach of help in his time of misfortune.  Sadly, within a short time, this resident passed away as well.  Sydney continued to provide support to the family.  She baked cookies and took homemade jerky by their home.  Sydney takes this approach with all residents and family members.  She always going the extra mile to assure that they know they are not only important, but loved.  And she does so with a quiet, respectful and unassuming manner.  This is a wonderful example of resident’s first, and one of the many reasons we are proud to have her as a part of our family here at Newton Care Center.