IMG September Customer Service Superstar| Hope Bryant


Congratulations to Hope Bryant from North Logan Health Care Center!  You were chosen as the IMG September Customer Service Superstar!  Hope has been with North Logan for over 30 years and while I could give you several examples of her selflessness, a very recent incident stands out. Hope is always figuring out ways to help others, whether it’s a resident, employee or someone in our community. She has picked up free scrubs and brought them in to give to our employees who need a little extra help getting started in their job.

While she was brainstorming ideas to help our residents, she arranged for a local church to come in and decorate for the holidays so our residents could enjoy all the comforts of home for the holidays. All the while she has been looking for a partnership to help our residents, she also figured out a way to help the church in return. The church had some issues with their driveway/parking lot and the potholes were so enormous that church members and employees were struggling to get in the parking lot without causing problems with their vehicles. Hope organized a fundraiser to purchase a truckload of gravel to fill in the potholes.  She and her husband found a dump truck to use, picked up the gravel and did all of the manual labor to repair the parking lot. When she realized that one load of gravel wasn’t enough, they went back and got a second load. Unfortunately, a third load is needed, and Hope is now working on donating the third load of gravel to the church very soon. We posted this on our Facebook page as a reminder of the IMGiving campaign.  The post got the attention of the mayor of Danville, Illinois.  The mayor actually posted, “This is what being a true neighbor looks like! Great teamwork, everyone!” #wearedanville #danvilleisus #danvilleproud #danvillestrong.  The mayor then shared our post on his own page. That got the attention of WCIA 3 news who contacted us for an interview to find out ‘our why’.

Hope is not one to draw attention to herself and quite frankly lives a service-oriented life. She wholeheartedly believes in residents first, employees always and has now managed to combine that part of her daily living with three of the other pillars of our company, #makingadifference, #hometownmoments and #inyourcommunity.  And Hope’s giveback enabled North Logan to get free press as a result.  Because of Hope’s neighborly act to the church, they are volunteering to help our Residents even more.  Hope is a reminder that one person can make a difference in a facility and a community! 

Thank you Hope for the impact you make on our Residents, our staff and your local community!  And a special thanks to your husband as well!