Facility of the Year 2017 | Keosauqua Health Care Center


Keosauqua Health Care Center

“Tough “times don’t last, tough people do” For one facility despite tough times they continue to remain “Resident’s First, Employees Always” every hour of every day and continue to be a profitable and top choice building not just in their region, but in the state as a whole.  We are honored to nominate Keosauqua Healthcare Center as facility of the year. 

Keosauqua is one of the newer members of the IMG family but within that short time they have been outstanding leaders in senior care and community involvement.  The community has embraced them as the center piece of the town, often reaching out to them to host community events and they have become a place for community members to stop by just to visit, grab a cup of coffee or participate in activities. 

The Keosauqua team is often referred to as nothing short of a true family.  Through trials and tribulations, they support one another.  Whether a team member is taking time off, an event is taking place, or it’s just regular day to day duties, their job titles hold no boundaries as they are often found helping each other out, taking on new challenges together or ensuring they give each other time to enjoy visiting with residents. 

Keosauqua has also become a tower for other facilities to lean on in times of need.  They have remained financially stable through some of the industries toughest times and are often the pioneers in implementing new processes or ideas that they then share with their sister facilities. Their team is one we turn too often for support with training and for leading by example on practicing IMG’s motto and best practices.

The success of Keosauqua is shown through the loyalty their staff members show to the building and residents. With one of the lowest turnover rates in the company, their “family” like environment extends deep into the levels of staff throughout the building.  Morale is second to none and when visiting the building each team member goes out of their way to make you feel like you are at home.

Resilient, ambitious and loyal are just a few of the words that describe Keosauqua Healthcare Center. The efforts of their team members, the caring hearts that show up every day for the resident’s and positive attitudes are what make Keosauqua everyone’s home away from home.