December 2017 IMG Customer Service Superstar | Dana Oney - Silver Memories

Congratulations to Dana Oney, CNA from Silver Memories!  You are the December IMG Customer Service Superstar.

Dana has been a CNA at Silver Memories since August of 2017. It did not take us long to see how truly valuable Dana is as well as how she provides excellent customer service. You can tell Dana does this job solely from her heart. She spends one on one time with each of our residents, taking the time to converse with them during resident care about their day and life history.  She always goes the extra mile when getting them dressed for dinner to fix their hair and makeup.

Even during the busy holiday, Dana was scheduled the day of our formal dinner, which is a huge event for our employees and residents. They wear formal gowns and suits, and get all dolled up for dinner with their makeup and hair. It was only a matter of time, before we realized Dana was on the floor as the only CNA, and yet she just went on showering them, dressing them up in formal wear one by one with a smile on her face.  She also went over and beyond ensuring their sweaters matched their dresses perfectly so they wouldn’t get cold. As soon as we realized Dana was doing all this on her own, we all chipped in and helped her of course.  But she never once complained and was all smiles with positive vibes.

Dana is always thinking of our residents, always thinking of the special things that make our residents happy, and always provides excellent care with a smile.  She is patient, kind, truly listens to what the Residents are saying, and recognizes what they need. She is always quick to respond to their needs, wants, and desires. Dana always completes her tasks efficiently and in timely manner.  And she always wears a smile never allowing stress or negativity to affect the Residents even on stressful days.

We truly value Dana and appreciate all the hard work she does for us. Dana is a hard worker.  She works two jobs, cares for her one year old grandson and bears the burden of caring for her father who is ill.  Even after her father received a cancer diagnosis, Dana didn’t let that affect her mood or her ability to care for the Residents.  She always comes to work on time and provides exceptional service to our Residents.

Thank you Dana for putting our Residents First!!!