IMG August Customer Service Superstars

Congratulations Brandy Deaton of Warsaw Meadows & Melissa Ruper of North Logan, IMG's Two August Customer Service Superstars

This month we had many Superstar choices and really, we need superstars more than ever before during this time of COVID.  IMG is very fortunate to continue to have good people committed to the company even with the Pandemic.  We couldn’t decide this month and opted to award two superstar winners.

August Customer Superstar, Brand Deaton, Warsaw Meadows Care Center, Warsaw, Indiana  

 Warsaw Meadows is beyond fortunate to have such a hard-working, upbeat, positive employee, that it gives us great joy to announce Brandy Deaton as our Super Star Employee of the month!  Brandy’s love for others shows in her work every day, even when it comes to baseball! Brandy has a resident who is a huge Cubs fan. The channels we have do not have the games on them.  Brandy went out after work and bought the resident a Roku so that they could watch the games.  Brandy also assisted with making CDs for the residents to listen to their favorite music! From buying another resident a fun accessory to talking, painting nails, and assisting residents, her hall loves her and her beautiful personality.  Brandy is greatly appreciated!  She is always making sure her residents are feeling loved and taken care of.  She will come in early and leave late. She even tries to help other departments in the building out.  Brandy makes sure the dinner trays are wiped off and cleaned so that those helping in the kitchen don’t have to worry about it. 

Brandy is always positive and happy while working, which makes her a joy to work with.  She lights up the whole hall and we are very proud and blessed to have her as part of our team! Thank you, Brandy, for putting your all into your job, and being a light for others. This quote sums up Brandy perfectly, “Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.” Congratulations Brandy for being a light, a leader, and living the IMG mission of Residents First, Employees Always!!!


August Customer Superstar, Melissa Ruper, North Logan Health Care Center, Danville, Illinois

This month, I am proud to say Melissa Ruper is North Logan’s August Superstar. Out of the monthly nominations, we received the following kind and thoughtful email from a family member of one of our current residents.

As everyone knows this has been the hardest time to have a loved one in the nursing home.   As one that visited every day my heart breaks not to see and hug my mom. But one person has made this more bearable. Melissa Ruper is my hero. She FaceTime’s me almost every week so I can see my mom. Sometimes she has had to bribe her with chocolate to talk.   LOL.  She keeps me up to date with anything going on I need to know about.  If she has a concern she goes immediately to nursing and gets the problem taken care of.   Every time we FaceTime I say to mom I see your buddy is there and she looks up to Melissa with such love in her eyes.  I write this with tears in my eyes because I am so grateful for Melissa.  She does not see this as a job but rather as a way to make a difference in the life of someone that needs all the love they can get. My mom is not the only one either, she loves all her “people” and takes great care of all of them.  North Logan is very lucky to have such a great person working for them.  

It is indeed evident that Melissa goes above and beyond to help support our residents and their families, especially in a time filled with so much uncertainty. It is small acts such as described above, that can truly have a great positive impact not only on our residents’ quality of life but also can bring joy and peace of mind to our residents’ families. North Logan is indeed honored and grateful that Melissa is a part of our team.  And IMG is lucky as well!  Thank you Melissa for going above and beyond!!!