Administrator of the Year 2017 | Deanna Hickman


Deanna Hickman, Cloverleaf Healthcare

Having had the opportunity to work with multiple Administrators and facilities, I would like to nominate Deanna Hickman, Administrator at Cloverleaf Healthcare, as Administrator of the year.

Deanna has worked with IMG for many years.  She has shown throughout her tenure of employment her level of devotion and dedication to IMG.

Deanna is a leader that honors our practice of residents first.  She is highly active in all issues that are going on within her facility related to all aspects.  From a quality of care perspective, Deanna knows each of her residents and families and assures that any means to make them happy is in place.  We recently completed our annual survey with only 3 deficiencies at level D for each in a building that has multiple admissions and discharges in any given week.  Deanna has recently completed a CNA course so that she could personally assist if needed with meeting of resident needs. Deanna is always one that will do whatever it takes to assure that her facility provides the highest quality of care to our residents and it shows.

Overall, thru Deanna’s leadership, the building admits high acuity residents, is not afraid to take residents that other buildings would turn down, and keeps her census on average in a manner that produces a positive financial impact for IMG.  In the last six months, while her BOM was on maternity leave, Deanna jumped right in and took over the role as well as continued to provide necessary leadership for continued success in all areas.

Because of Deanna’s commitment and performance, for the past several months she has worked with 3 additional homes.  She has shared her leadership, advice for success, and worked with those facilities to assist them in becoming more successful.  Her knowledge base on the IMG performance standards makes her an outstanding person to share with these facilities and in many areas we have observed improvement because of her guidance.

It is believed that Deanna stands out as a leader who cares about those for which we provide services which is why she is Administrator of the year for IMG.