Safekeeping Family Communications


Our Facilities Have the Safekeeping App for Family Communications in Real-Time


Download Safekeeping Family Communications Sign-Up Form

SafeKeeping is a Family Communications Manager that puts our faclities on the smartphones and tablets of resident's families.  Facilities login to the SafeKeeping portal to manage their communications and configure the platform. 

This is a free service to our families and a valuable communication tool.  It is fully HIPAA compliant allowing your loved one’s health information to remain secure. Contact your administrator for a form to signup if you haven't already. If you are already a safekeeping app user, no further action is required. 

If you are not currently enrolled as a user, you will receive an invitation from Safekeeping.  Acceptance of this invitation is required to utilize the Safekeeping app. 

The invitations will only be sent to the first point of contact listed on your loved one’s face sheet. 

The emergency contact will be responsible for sharing the app or any information provided by the app to other family members. 

We are only legally allowed to communicate with the emergency contact for our Residents.

Moving forward we will use this application as our primary form of communication for COVID updates, changes, or notification instead of mailing weekly letters. 

If you choose not to utilize the Safekeeping app, letters will continue to be mailed to you.  All letters are available on the facility website to view as well.